Welcome to Land in the Web3 Fairy World!

DuiDui is a 100% story-driven project intertwined with multiple plentiful storylines. We've built a complete story structure that connects every part of this world. As the story is driven, our holders may need to achieve certain tasks or enjoy the experience we bring.

But no matter what, we will reward everyone who joins this DuiDui fairy world in each stage. The sense of the game provided during the process is crucial. We hope everyone has fun together!

Our Crew



Marketing and Product Lead


NFT Artist


Art Designer


Project Manager


Community Manager


Marketing Specialist


Discord Maintain





The pronunciation of "Dui" means "accumulation" in Mandarin. What we want to emphasize is the look of its NFT art. Also, "妖精" means "fairy". We hope everyone can enjoy this cute and relaxed vibe in the fairy world born in Web3 space.

Stories are the best medium for communication and promotion. We've fully integrated NFT art, points mechanism and its story. We have six clans, a story to connect all tasks, and a point mechanism to provide long-term earnings. We use this story to bridge every part of our project.

We have a total of 5,555 fairy characters in six clans.

Dui Dui 妖精の旅 will be on the Ethereum blockchain, and we will adopt ERC-721A.

There are a few reasons. At the artistic level, we want to provide more selections in one project, so we made six art series in one collection. It also follows that you can choose the art you like, choose the teammates you agree with, and decide the clan's development with your teammates. Everything is connected.

This is how we bridge Web2 and Web3. All details will mainly be announced in our server.